Maintenance Tips And Troubleshooting


If you are reporting a life/safety emergency please call 911 immediately. If you are reporting a major leak, flooding, or other emergency please call our leasing office at 804-643-3098 or the after-hours emergency line at 804.402.8450.


For almost any electrical problem, please check the breaker panel first before submitting a work order. If you open the panel, a list of breaker functions should be listed on the back of the door inside the panel box or identified beside each breaker. Identify the proper breaker and try turning it off and then on again.

“Several of my electrical outlet(s) in my kitchen/bathroom are not working?”

Step one is to identify the GFI outlet in your residence. It is most commonly found in the kitchen or bathroom near the sink. The GFI outlet looks different than a standard outlet because it has two buttons between the top and bottom outlet and often has an indicator light. One of the two buttons is identified as a reset button. Try to push the reset button; that should result in your outlets working again. If it does not, check any additional GFI outlets in the residence. If this fails to solve your problem, please place a work order.

“I have a light bulb that has burned out?”

All tenants are responsible for changing their own light bulbs. If a bulb is out or missing when you first move in, we will provide a replacement bulb at no cost. Since some light fixtures are hard to reach, we can provide a ladder to assist you in changing a bulb.

“The power is completely out in my residence?”

If the power is out to the entire building or house, it is most likely due to a power outage with Dominion Virginia Power. Management staff will be unable to do anything to restore the power. We suggest calling and reporting the outage to the power company.


“My toilet won’t flush?”

If water is flowing into the toilet bowl but it is not draining or draining slowly, you most likely have a clog. To solve this use a plunger to clear the clog. If no water is flowing into the toilet bowl first check to ensure the water valve (located below the toilet tank where the water line comes through the floor or the wall) is in the on position. If neither of the solutions outlined above works, please place a work order.

“My toilet is overflowing?”

This is usually caused by a clog in the toilet. If the water is overflowing the bowl, you can turn off the water at the valve located below the tank where the water supply comes from the wall or floor. You should then use a plunger to clear the clog. After the toilet has been cleared of the clog, make sure to wipe/mop up any excess water.

“My toilet runs constantly?”

This is not an emergency situation but please place a work order below so that we can correct the problem and conserve water resources.

“My shower/tub drains slowly?”

Usually this is a result of hair and soap getting clogged in the drain. If you unscrew the drain plug you will be able to remove the hair and dispose of it in a waste basket. You can then pour some bleach down the drain to help clear any remaining clog. We do not recommend the use a liquid drain cleaning product because it can deteriorate the piping over time.

“My kitchen sink is overflowing even though there is no water running?”

Please notify us immediately in this instance by calling the leasing office or the emergency line.

“My garbage disposal does not work?”

If the garbage disposal does not work, you can try to press the reset button which is usually located on the bottom of the disposal itself. If this does not correct the problem, please place a work order because most likely a foreign object is lodged in the disposal.

“One of my plumbing fixtures has no water?”

You should check to make sure the water is turned on at the supply valve to the fixture. This valve is located below the fixture (if it is a sink the valve is in the cabinet under the sink) and should simply turn on and off. If it does not turn, please to not try to force it as this may result in flooding.


“My air conditioning system is not functioning properly?”

First, please check to see that the thermostat is set correctly and that the electrical breaker is in the on position. If it has tripped, try turning it off, then on again and see if that will solve the problem. If the breaker is on you can try turning the entire system off and leaving it off for 30 minutes. Then turn it back on to see if that has solved the problem. Often times this will solve the problem. If this restarting procedure does not work, please place a work order.

Please note that turning the heat or air conditioning all the way up or down may cause damage to the system and will not result in it heating or cooling any faster. We recommend for optimal functioning you keep the temperature at a constant temperature throughout the day and night. If you desire to be more energy efficient, it is better to keep the system at a lower temperature in the winter and higher temperature in the summer instead of adjusting the system as you come and go throughout the day.


If a leak occurs in your residence, please place a bucket or trash can under the leak before doing anything else to help prevent any further damage from occurring. Once you have done so, please notify our leasing office or emergency line via telephone immediately. Please note that if it is a roof leak, roofers will not respond in the rain so it is best to try to catch the water in a bucket and we will respond as soon as possible to repair the roof.

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